Digital Cinema Services


  • Department specialized in the service of film shoot assistance.
  • Hiring of D.I.T. workstations, with or without operator.
  • Backup copies on Set.
  • Generation of dailies in the format of the editing workstation.
  • Pre-color grading and application of LUTS for direction of photography.
  • Coordination of dispatches with digital laboratory and running of Back-ups.


Digital Laboratory:

  • Daily checking of rushes, integrity of takes and coherence of formats, speeds and resolution of all the material.
  • Daily reports on the amount of material generated and any problems detected.
  • Policy of triple security copy of all material, the data located in three different physical platforms, one of which remains outside the studio for greater security.
  • Possibility of weekly projection of Dailies with the entire film crew. 
  • Preparation of the film for color grading and preparation of rushes for the production, sound and music teams.


Quality Control (QC):

  • Complete technical inspection of professional video to ensure that your content is compliant with distributors, networks or clients delivery specifications.
  • Automated QC & manual QC checks on content.
  • 4K, UHD, HD and SD Quality Control verification.
  • Regulatory compliance of audio loudness, captions/subtitles, Photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) and more.
  • Detection of video material that may cause epileptic seizures in certain individuals (PSE).
  • Informative and detailed QC reports.
  • Eyeball Quality Control check ensuring video and audio quality are consistent throughout.


  • Hiring of the Avid and Final Cut editing rooms, connected to our SAN or NAS network in order to facilitate the work of the preparation of the different versions of the film.
  • Immediate technical assistance in the room.


Color grading:

  • Possibility of color grading in 2K and 4K with Misitka Tools.
  • Full interaction with the VFX and editing departments for the rapid management of the tool Shotgun.


DCP Generation:

  • Transformation of color space and codification to JPEG2000
  • DCP packaging.
  • 2K, 4K, 2D, 3D, High Frame Rate (HFR).
  • Creation of the insertion of logos, certificates and titles.
  • Full, local versioning services (both dubbing and subtitling).
  • Creation of proxy media reference (e.g. QuickTime).
  • Creation of DKDM and KDM.



  • Conversion and creation of masters in most of the formats on the market, both on file and physical platform.
  • Copies in HDCAM SR, HDCAM, BTCDIG, etc.
  • Files in QT, AVI, etc.
  • Changes in standard: NTSC, PAL, HD, ULTRAHD.
  • Changes in aspect ratio. 2:35/1:85/1:33