Digital Laboratory and DIT


Digital laboratory DIT

Our digital laboratory area offers a complete film shoot assistance service.

  • DIT workstations (Digital Imaging Technician) with or without an operator.
  • Backup copies on Set.
  • Generation of dailies compatible with the editing workstation format.
  • Pre-color grading and application of LUTS for direction of photography.
  • Coordination of dispatches with digital laboratory and running of Back-ups.
  • Daily checking of rushes, of the integrity of takes and the coherence of formats and finally, frame rate and resolution of all the material.
  • Generation of daily reports of all the material created to minimize possible errors.
  • Triple security copy policy of all material. Data located in three different physical platforms. One of which remains outside the studio for greater security.
  • Possibility of weekly projection of dailies, especially relevant for entire film crew. 
  • Preparation of the film for color grading and preparation of rushes for the production, sound and music teams.

Using a DIT station on set will allow you to capture the highest quality images possible with your digital camera.