The Machine Room

The heart of the studio

3.5 petabyte of storage with redundant security systems (discs and LTO 8 tape drive data storage) and two UPS emergency power supplies capable of sustaining the studio for up to 2 hours should the main power source fail.

  • Connected by fiber-optic, Gibabyte network and HD SDI throughout the studio
  • Mirror backup of all material
  • 3 BTC digitals
  • 1 Hdcam SR 4:4:4.
  • 1 BTC IMX.
  • 1 DVC pro
  • 2 Betacam SP
  • HD/SD matrix
  • LTO 8 Back up system
  • Mastering room for advertising virtual masters and DCP masters for cinema.
  • Connectivity: 6 broadband fiber channels connection